Explore Cape Town - Simon's Town to Muizenberg

On the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula, you'll find the most beautiful little towns that are worth exploring. I started all t...

On the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula, you'll find the most beautiful little towns that are worth exploring. I started all the way down at Boulders Beach, which is located near Simon's town. Boulders Beach is where you'll find the African Penguins. Have a look at my previous post to see more about them. 

Simon's Town is quite a beautiful little town with a lot to offer. From Ocean activities (fishing charters, kayaking, shark expeditions, diving ), close-up nature experiences with penguins, whales and sharks, to visiting museums like the SA Navy Museum, Submarine museum and much more. Visit Simonstown.com for more information.

I recommend using the MetroRail that goes all along the beautiful coast, right next to the ocean, from Cape Town to Simon's Town. You can find more info here - http://goo.gl/IJjSkv

When you take the train, you'll pass by all the beautiful and quaint little towns. Next you'll find Fish Hoek and Kalk Bay. Both of which have beautiful restaurants and coffee shops right next to the ocean. 
Here are a few things to do in Fish Hoek - Beaches, sailing, caves to explore and hiking. For more info visit. http://goo.gl/imvfU5

Kalkbay was one of the nicest places to stop. The road has a lot of coffee shops, galleries and restaurants. You can also visit the harbor full of fishing boats and it's also a where you can buy the freshest fish. It's really a beautiful sight to see and explore. For more info visit. http://goo.gl/gOfW00

The last place that I stopped at for the day, was colorful Muizenberg. I think it's one of the more popular wide open beaches where surfers can enjoy themselves, even if the waves are not that big. The water is also a bit warmer than on the Atlantic ocean side. The colorful cabins on the beach, make this beach come alive and summer time is when this beach is at it's liveliest. There are some galleries and Art classes as well as other activities that can be explored. Take a look at their website for more info. http://muizenberg.info/

There are a few ways to visit these places. You could make use of tour groups from Cape Town or alternatively rent a car. 
The most popular way to do this is also by train. The MetroRail trains go from Cape Town to Simon'Town frequently everyday and there are 3 to 4 trains every hour during the week. http://goo.gl/IJjSkv

You could go for a taxi, if you prefer, but it might be much more expensive. Rather go for an Uber car. You'll be sure to pay less than the normal taxi's. 

Another way to visit these places are to make use of https://www.couchsurfing.com/ . This is an online community for travelers. It allows you to meet people in the place that you'll be visiting. You can either ask to stay with people there (hosts) or you could just join events that people host. This allows you to meet people and travel with others if you don't want to travel alone. For example, I couldn't host a place to stay, but I could host a car. So I contacted some visitors and told them what I would like to see while they are there and if they would like to join me, they are very welcome. Now, I'm not sure if this would be safe if you're alone, so make sure that you have someone that will tag with you. Or make sure that the person is trustworthy, by looking at all of his/her social media as well as his recommendations. 

Here are some of my pics from the trip. Starting at Boulders Beach, then Simon's Town, Fish Hoek, then Kalk bay and finally Muizenberg. 

Muizenberg to SimonstownSimonstown street Simonstown hotel Simonstown_warfstreet Simonstown_boats Simonstown_view kalkbay_street kalkbay_alley kalkbay_street kalkbay_restaurant kalkbay_beach kalkbay_station kalkbay_boats_harbor Muizenberg_surfers Muizenberg_cottages Muizenberg_colored cottages Muizenberg_beach_cottages Muizenberg_red_yellow Muizenberg_blue_green Muizenberg_yellow_green

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