5 Fantastic places to visit in Busan, South Korea.

Here is a list of places in Busan that I visited in the 24 hours that I was in Busan. Check the title links to the posts that I bl...

Here is a list of places in Busan that I visited in the 24 hours that I was in Busan. Check the title links to the posts that I blogged about for more pictures. Alternatively, just click on the photos that will lead you to flikr for more of my photos. I've posted a few posts about Busan in the past as well. Follow the links if you'd like to see some of my older posts.

Busan is an amazing place. The beaches (Hea-un-dae  and Gwang-an-li) are nice, but sometimes a bit overcrowded. They have a yearly firework festival on Gwanganli Beach with the beautiful bridge in the background. They have Nampodong that's beautifully decorated over Christmas. There's a yearly film festival, held in a spectacularly designed building. They have Centum City, which houses Shinsiggae Department store - that has been the largest department store in the world for some time.

Busan has beautiful sights all year round. Summer is a bit over crowded, so I'd recommend to go just before and after high season. Autumn or fall is usually much later and one can see the colorful fall leaves at the temples and mountain hikes around.


Gwangalli Beach is a good place to go and place. There are loads of restaurants and bars in the area and you could also play with some fireworks at night if you'd like.

2. Dalmaji-gil Road

Dalmaji-gil Road Haeundae

For the romantics out there or even just the people who love to find a good view. This road is well known for couples and leads all the way to the top where you'll find a whole bunch of coffee shops and some restaurants.

3. Gamcheon Art Village

Gamcheon Art village side view

Gamcheon Culture Village is a very pack and colorful village. The locals have created a lot of little galleries and things to experience so take some more time and explore all the little nooks here.

4. Bosudong Book Street

Bosu-dong Bookstreet

It's exactly what is sounds like. A street or alley full of books. Completely filled from floor to roof. You'll definitely find something here, even some English books.

5. Lotte Department Store (Nampodong Branch) - Sky Deck


I didn't put a link up for this one, but it's speaks for itself. The department store's rooftop has a fantastic view and makes you appreciate the beautiful city even more.


Here is the map of the places in Busan that you can visit. Hope you get to see these great places and enjoy them as much as I did. 

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