Discover Busan: Dalmaji-gil Road (해운대 달맞이길)

Dalmaji-gil Road (해운대 달맞이길)  is a walkway near Haeundae Beach, that offers stunning views of the ocean and the beautiful city skyline. ...

Dalmaji-gil Road (해운대 달맞이길) is a walkway near Haeundae Beach, that offers stunning views of the ocean and the beautiful city skyline. This road has become the famous "lovers-lane" for couples on dates in Busan. In spring time it's lined with beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees also add their charm. At the top of the hill you'll find a lot of coffee shops. There are so many coffee shops, one would think it's impossible for them to make a living with all the competition, but I guess it just shows how the "couple culture" in Korea has influenced the "coffee culture" in popular areas. 

Me and my friends almost missed it, but were lucky enough the catch the last few minutes of a breathtaking sunset. We then enjoyed some hot beverages at the a coffee shop, along with some cake. We stayed here for a quite a while to rest out a bit before we walked on to Heaundae beach, which was another 2km+ walk from there.

Haeundae beach is also one of the most popular beaches in South Korea and gets pretty crowded during summer. The beach looked exactly the same as when I visited it 2 years ago and brought back some memories of a great day spent in Haeudae.

From there we had some Dwaeji Gukbap (돼지국밥), which is Pork meat soup with rice in it. It's quite famous in Busan and one of the must have foods when you visit Busan. Korea has a lot of these specialized dishes at certain locations. ex. Jjimdalk in Andong, Bibimbap in Jinju, Dwaeji Gukbap in Busan. There are a lot more and would take forever to name.

After dinner we set out to The Bay, near the beach. The Bay was a new entertainment complex at the marina, with restaurants and some shopping. It would be quite nice to sit outside in the summer months, but it was way too cold for that in winter.

We finished back in Gwangalli beach where we had beers and snacks until 4am in the morning. This left us quite tired, but we still managed to get up at 8am the next morning. More about the colorful Gamcheon Art village and the Bosudong book street in my next posts.

Until next time.

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