Coffee Brazil (브라질)

One of my favorite things about my trip to Sokcho  (check out my post) was a cafe called - Coffee Brazil( 브라질 ), located at YeongJin...

Brazil Coffee

One of my favorite things about my trip to Sokcho (check out my post) was a cafe called - Coffee Brazil(브라질), located at YeongJin Beach (영진 해변). I posted about the beautiful beach and the clear waters have a look HERE. 

I really liked the style of this restaurant. The wood, cement and coffee worked perfectly together to make this place feel unique and relaxing. I always love to see these kinds of cafes, where everything just comes together. This cafe also has a spectacular view of the ocean and beach, what more can you ask for?  It felt as if you wanted to spend your entire day just sitting there and looking at the ocean, while enjoying a prefect cafe latte. 

Korea's Cafe/coffee culture is really amazing and it's something I will miss wholeheartedly when I return back home. I will have to actively seek out the good coffee spot in South Africa. Luckily for me, my one friend just started his coffee business (Roaming Grind Coffee Co.) in South Africa. If you want to know more about them, go to their Facebook page
Until then, this will serve as a perfect reminder of my amazing (I say amazing, but remember there are ups and downs, I count both) time here in Korea. 

For more of my trip in Sokcho, check out my other posts and feel free to share my posts with your friends even if it's just to show them what's going on in South Korea. A hint: it's not all war talk all the time. 

Until next time. 

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