Seoul World Wide Instameet

My first "instameet" ever was part of the "10th world wide instameet". What is an "instameet" you may ask?...

My first "instameet" ever was part of the "10th world wide instameet". What is an "instameet" you may ask? Well it's gathering of people from the the Instagram community #instacommunity. They get together and meet their "followers" and people they follow themselves.

We started off at Hyehwa station and after meeting our host, Ken Lee from Seoul State of Mind, we immediately headed over to Naksan Park 낙산공원. The park has stunning views when you get to the top, where the fortress wall is also located.

Naksan Park with a stunning view

We continued on our path along the wall and got to the little Ihwa Mural village 이화 벽화마을. This little village has a lot of little things to be captured and was a perfect spot for taking Instagram photos. People lined up to take photos at certain well known spots. I was also lucky enough to meet a great group of friends. We continuously fell behind and were the last ones to meet up
with the group.

Murals of Ihwa dong
Ihwa village murals

Next stop Cheongyecheon Stream 청계천 near Dongdaemun gate and station. We stopped here for a little bit and got in another round of photos. 

We ended our day at the Dondaemun Design Plaza, which is one of my most favorite buildings at the moment. Here we had a another photo opportunity before saying goodbye. 

Instagram is truly creating an "#Instacommunity" and I couldn't be more thrilled.
This was an amazing experience. I got the chance to meet people that I only ever see on their Instagram accounts. It was so nice to see people and put faces to their photos. The best part of it was being able to connect with people from around the world, that share the same passion or hobby.

If you want to find out more about the World Wide Instameet. You can search for it on Instagram with the tag #wwim10 for the world wide photos and #wwim10seoul to see more about our Seoul experience.

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And also check out Ken Lee's blog Seoul State of Mind and Instagram feed (@seoul_stateofmind)

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*All photos except for one or 2 were taken with my Galaxy S3.

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