DeokJeokDo (덕적도) - The Island That Surprised Me - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 Day 2 we woke up, some a bit early and others like me, slept in for a bit. It is our vacation after all. We made delicious b...

Day 2

Day 2 we woke up, some a bit early and others like me, slept in for a bit. It is our vacation after all. We made delicious bacon and eggs for breakfast and got ready to head out. Four of us decided to go hiking on the nearby mountain behind our minbak. The rest stayed behind, looking after the dog, preparing lunch and going to the beach. 

I was up for the hiking trip, because I really wanted to see the island from the top.  The hike was a lot of fun. Everyone was taking a lot of pictures of the forest and later the ocean with islands around. There was an abandoned house in the woods, a little bamboo tunnel and a pagoda at the top. 

Although it was a nice cool day, it felt quite humid in the forest. The breeze and the view at the top was definitely a well deserved reward for the little hike. It took about 50 mins to get to the top, including all the stops we made to take pictures. The trip down was about 40 mins. The total time for us, up and down, was about 2 hours and 30 mins.

After the climb, we had some hamburger buns, stuffed with a tuna filling as well as some cherry tomatoes and some grapes for dessert for our lunch on the beach.

We stayed on the beach for a few hours, before heading back home for an afternoon nap. After I woke up, I went for a walk around with my camera to catch the sunset and the area around me. I walked back to the beach and was breathless when I saw the fog rolling in on the water. I captured a few moments on the beach and walked further to the pier.I was really amazed by the beautiful beach and the fog on the water. I played around a little with my camera, taking pictures of myself sitting on edge of the pier, looking out on the water.

It got dark and I walked back home. The others had already started with the dinner. Chicken Slovaki, pasta and cabbage salad as well as mushrooms cooked in wine and lemon juice with some rosemary were on the menu. For dessert we had a fried pineapple, which was marinated for a day in rum and cinnamon.Then wrapped in foil and put on the warm fire coals for a while until all sides had a chance to fry or boil inside the foil. All the while we listened to music, drank wine and beer and laughed at the stories told around a fire. And that's how we ended a great day at Deokjeokdo.

Day 3

The next morning we got ready and some breakfast. We had some cup ramen noodles and added some beansprouts, chives and cheese. Along with that, we had all the leftover food and snacks. We packed up and got ready to go, but we had an hour to quickly go to beach and say our farewell to the ocean. Then we headed back to the pier and waited for our ferry back home. 

The island had a certain untold magic to it. Like it's waiting for someone to discover it. I guess the island exceeded all my expectations. I guess timing and weather plays a pretty important role.

I hope that you liked my post and that you are a little more curious about South Korean islands now, like I am.

Check out the video that one of the girls made for us, about the food that we ate during our trip. Make sure that you follow her on Instagram #wiwe . She has a unique way of styling her photos and posting them. I really enjoy it.

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