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Myeongdong - Seoul Today I want to share an idea with you. The idea of being an artist wherever you are,whatever you do, with whateve...

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Myeongdong - Seoul
Today I want to share an idea with you. The idea of being an artist wherever you are,whatever you do, with whatever tool you have at your disposal.
I've recently watched some inspiring videos and blogs of people who just literally bend the rules of how we "see ourselves". They create and shape the world around them, they become leaders and authorities in what they are doing and achieving.

The Final Cut King

One such artist is the "Final Cut King" - Zach King is a self made film maker. Known for his quirky, fun and creative vines. He recently had a Tedx talk, where he told people - "Create something that would inspire the world!". - Read my post about that.
He also mentioned that we have tools all around us, like our phones for instance. They are incredibly powerful and with the ever changing world out there, we can basically do anything that we want. We are only as limited as our thoughts and dreams. He got me to think about the tools that we use everyday to create something. His phone is probably one of his biggest tools that he uses in almost all of his Vine videos. 

Joel Grimes

Another photographer, Joel Grimes, mentioned something that also stuck with me. He said that he thinks of himself as so much more than just a photographer or just an artist. He's an illusionist! 

"So, in the end we are simply artists with tools like cameras and editing programs like Photoshop, and we are in some form or another an “Illusionist”.  Like a magician who performs his or her magic on stage, we are no different; creating something that gives the appearance of reality. It is simply an exploration of the our artistic vision and uniqueness. " - Joel Grimes

Take a look at some of his work when you search his name on Google.

Isn't that a fantastic way to define yourself? - Illusionist or Artist or even Dreamer. It's so much more unconventional than what I'm used to. 

Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair is one such "Illusionist". She creates amazing imagery using photography and her artist skills on Photoshop. Take a look at her artwork.  Click on the source to see more. 

Is it fair to say that she is just a photographer? I think not. I think it's utterly amazing that she can use a range of instruments to create visual masterpieces. She's able to take a vision, an illusion, and make it a reality. Or a least the reality that we perceive.
Her creative vision as inspired me and has made me want to be better at everything I do.

As for me

So with Google at my disposal, which integrated "Snapseed" into Google+, I decided to take some of my old photos and give them a little dusting. I went and played around with the images, CREATING something that I like and that I would like to share with you.

By no means are these masterpieces, but that's not what I was going for. I'm trying to show that it's possible to create images that looks pretty decent without any fancy equipment like DSLR cameras or Photoshop. Of course if I had used Photoshop or used better equipment,  I could've created something more spectacular.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have the tools around us, to do whatever we want. We should look and find them. It doesn't have to be expensive or professional equipment. Your smartphone is a powerful tool. Use it more, discover more features, more apps and you'll be able to create more.

If you want to create something, do it! Be the illusionist, artist, and dreamer that you want to be. Don't let people tell you it's not good enough. It's your vision, your story, your expression. Go for it. Follow you dreams and dream even bigger!

Let me know what you think about being "whatever you want to be" - limitless?
What is your limit and why? Skill? Tools? Vision? Dreams?

Dream big today!

P.S Share this with your friends if you are as inspired by these artists as I am. 

Click on the images to enlarge - All images were taken by my Galaxy S3 - edited with snapseed.

Experience it - nvexpit

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