Snow snow snow, Dec 11th and 12th.

It all started when I woke up on Wednesday Dec 11th. The park outside my window was completely white. I was excited to leave my apartmen...

It all started when I woke up on Wednesday Dec 11th. The park outside my window was completely white. I was excited to leave my apartment and get to school. Little did I know the surprise traffic mess that caused me to arrive 2 hours late for school. This is my story in mobile photo's and gifs. (All gifs and panoramas were automatically created by Google+ and with my Galaxy S3).

This is where I was waiting for my bus before know I would get stuck for about 2 hours. 

At the end of the Wednesday I went home, greeted by this beautiful sunset. 

Dec 12th arrived
I found an alternate route to school that got me there on time. (Well I also left earlier.) During our lunch break it started to snow again. Just enough to make it fun for everyone. I went outside to take some pictures of the kids while they were having snowball fights and sliding down any little slope they could find. 

I got hold of some of my Grade 5 students or rather they got hold of me. We took some photos together. They are very nice and very cute, but couldn't manage to stand still for a second while I took the picture. 

After lunch it started to pour down. I was amazed by the amount of snow falling in such a short time. I couldn't really focus on my class and as soon as I got a chance I took a little video clip and lots of photos. 

After class I went out greeted by the most beautiful white blanket of snow. I went out again thinking that I couldn't miss this opportunity to feel like a child again, seeing as I never had this as a child. It was amazing. 

I watched as children made giant snowballs....


... and little ones for that matter.

This was the beginning of a new snowman, while it was still pouring down snow. 

Soon I realized that it's fun to target the foreign teacher. So all the kids ganged up on me in a snowball fight. It was fun... but I could only take on so many. So after a while my hands were freezing and I just had to stop. 

All the teachers left the school early because of the snow. I took this picture as I was leaving. It started to snow more and more on the way to the bus stop.

Before crossing the road I just had to take pictures for my friends at home. I probably took like 300 or more in the little bit of time on my way home. The thing I wanted to show them is that snow has a real downside too. The sludge on the roads are terrible and you can't drive really.

It started to snow more an more while I was waiting for the bus and everyone huddled under umbrella.

Just across from the bus stop, you could barely see the building as the snow poured an poured.

In the bus I was greeted by amazing scenes next to the road. It took about 1 hour in what usually takes 10 minutes. But it didn't bother me at all.. I just couldn't get enough of the amazing snow falling down.

After about 1 hour I arrived at the station and it stopped snowing.

I got on the subway an was greeted by more nice scenery on the train.

When I got home, I made my way towards my apartment through the usually crowed shopping area in Hwajeong.

This was my last image of the day before my phone's battery was drained. It's a picture of the park just outside my window. Isn't it beautiful.

These 2 days of snow was probably the most amazing snow days I've every had. I truly wished that I had it as a child. I could imagine myself playing in the snow.. making snow men, snow forts, having snow fights and sliding down every hill or incline I could find. As an adult, we tend to see life differently. Most people here sigh when the snow falls, because it means something different. It means falling down when slipping on an icy patch. It means bad traffic on the way to work. It means dirty and wet shoes. It means dirty sludgy roads and icy water puddles, which turn into ice when the temperature drops below zero again.

All and all, for me, a foreigner having this as a once in a lifetime experience, I tend to look at it from both views. Because I want to me the child playing in the snow, but I'm also the adult making my way to work in the slow traffic and slippery sidewalks.

I hoped you enjoyed my post. Please leave a comment and share with your friends if you did. :)

Have a great winter time :) 

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