My Colorful Hong Kong Experience!

For my first vacation on my own, I didn’t know where to go. I friend of mine introduced me to the idea of going to Hong Kong and making the...

For my first vacation on my own, I didn’t know where to go. I friend of mine introduced me to the idea of going to Hong Kong and making the most of all short vacation. As soon as I saw her pictures, I knew I had to go and was really excited in seeing this metropolis.
Here are some of the highlights of my trip.


After I landed and found my feet, I set out to explore what Kowloon had to offer. I went to the avenue of stars and had a beautiful sunset over Victoria Harbour.


The first night I was there, I was greeted by the symphony of lights! It truly is an beautiful sight! Just to take in all of the colours, makes this sight so spectacular.

Victoria Harbour -  overlooking the magical symphony of lights!

This is also where I met some new friends. They showed me around and we got some dinner. It ended up being an amazing first night!

New Friends

We walked past the 1881 Heritage building. It is one of the best examples of the British influence from when Hong Kong was a still a British colony.

1881 – Heritage


The next day I took this picture of the International Commerce Centre building, on my ferry trip from Lantau Island to Hong Kong Island. The ICC is the 4th Highest building in the world. Later in my trip I visited the Italian restaurant on the 103rd floor of the building. The view was amazing and well worth a visit.

The ICC – Kowloon Island

Later the day I met up with a friend I made on Couch Surfing. He took me to the fishing village just outside of the city. It was full of colour and a beautiful sunset.  
We walked past this tree, that made me think of the movie Avatar. It looked like a very wise old tree.

Tree from avatar

The fishermen sell their fresh fish right from the boats when they come back from the day’s catch. So you can literally get “the catch of the day”.

The catch of the day

Some dried fish that was on sale.

The sun started to set and it left this beautiful colours in the sky. The canoes laying in the harbour was just a bonus.

Beautiful canoes laying in the bay.


I decided to do a Big Bus tour of Hong Kong Island. I reckoned that this would be the fastest way to see the most. And I was right. I started out with all the buildings around me and making my way around the island.

While sitting in the “Big Bus”, I drove past this colorful scene in one of the streets! I am very happy that I got the chance to catch this moment.

Colourful Hong Kong streets.

Trams are still very much in use and a preferred method of traveling by many. The locals had to vote to get rid of it or keep it and almost all of Hong Kong decided to keep it. It just gives that extra bit of authentic vintage feel to Hong Kong.

Staring into the depths.

I went up to the top op Hong Kong to view one of the most spectacular and breath-taking views I’ve ever seen. I had to take another tram to the top.

Waiting in line.

This view was really one of the most amazing sites I’ve ever seen . I loved standing there and just taking the moment in, one breath at a time. I wanted to stay there for as long as I could.

The Peak.

One of the Big Bus stops, was Repulse Bay. It’s a very beautiful and popular beach for many.

Repulse bay

Beautiful Hotel

One of my most favourite places was Stanley harbour and Stanley Market. It was a perfect place to stop for a quick lunch, after walking around in the market.

Stanley harbour and market.

This street really felt like a street on a tiny island somewhere. It had a lot of pubs and restaurants with a seaside view. I wish I a bit more time to sit down for a drink.

Stanley Harbour pubs and restaurants.

After Stanley market, I went to Aberdeen. I took the Sampan ride, that comes included with your Big Bus ticket. There you can find the Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant. Apparently you can find some good, but more expensive seafood here. There is also a bit of a themed park next to it.

Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant and theme park.

You can also find the boat houses of all the fishing families, in Aberdeen. There are a lot of families, living on their boats in this little bay. They even have dogs living with them on these floating houses. It makes you think just how lucky you are when you have a normal home, even if it’s not big.


Boat houses in Abberdeen.


My second last day I spent to go see the Giant Buddha at Nong Ping. I took the cable car ride, which was amazing. The cable car ride is 25 minutes and overlooks the beautiful countryside. Unfortunately the pollution was setting in and making the views a bit dim.

Floating on air.

I went to see the giant Buddha and was really impressed by the size of this statue. I could appreciate the size of this man made marvel. As you walk up the stairs, you feel like you are being greeted by the Giant Buddha. It was really hot as well and everyone at the top was dripping wet. Luckily there was a kiosk with some ice cream and water.

Walking up
Greetings from Buddha

Overall Experience

Hong Kong was one of the best cities I’ve ever seen. It was very busy and just had a buzz surrounding everything around you. Navigating the city was really easy and almost all of the younger generations can speak enough English to help you. It really was an amazing experience and I’m already planning my next trip to this wonderful city.
Please visit my Albums below if you’d like to see more pictures of my awesome trip. Please feel free to share it with someone that you know would appreciate the tips for a wonderful trip. .

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