First Changnyeong Experience

  I arrived around 10PM Monday night. My director and her husband took me directly to the closest mart to do some shopping. I had to buy a d...


I arrived around 10PM Monday night. My director and her husband took me directly to the closest mart to do some shopping. I had to buy a duvet for my bed. They almost chose some flower bedspread, but I quickly changed it to the better one in store, which felt like it was made from a lumberjacks’ shirt.

My apartment had two rooms a kitchen and a bathroom. It came with a bed, cupboard, fridge and microwave. They say that I will get my desk and chair soon as well. This should be more than enough for a year for one person.


Afterward I was taken to the school, to meet the other teacher, who comes from New Zealand. He has been living here for eight months and said that he enjoyed it very much so far.

I was unbelievably tired, but they insisted on taking us out for dinner and getting to know me. I also met my directors’ cousin. The introduced me to this nice little place called, Guppa Guppa. There I found my first Korean snack before dinner. It was dried anchovy, vinegared radish and some peanuts. Tasting my first anchovy, I was quite surprised. It was actually good and bit fishy, but good. The radish is my favourite and I couldn’t get enough of it.


The next day I slept late because I only started at 2PM in the afternoon. On my way to school, I saw the onion fields behind my apartment and a beautiful mountain at the top. There was also some beautiful scenery looking the other way. I can’t wait for spring, as it looks like there are some cherry trees on my way to school as well. And finally I saw my school.clip_image006

My desk was pointed out to me as well as the little classrooms, the blue, red and yellow room. I also met one of my students. She is almost always the first one at the school.


We usually get to eat at school, but one night I was home earlier than the other teachers and went out to by myself some food. I didn’t know what to get, so I went to the only place I knew, Guppa Guppa. They had incredible chicken the first time I was there. The lady put a box meal together and while waiting for my food, she offered me some snacks again as well as some coffee

. clip_image010

The next time I ate at Guppa Guppa, I met some other foreign teachers. Again I was introduced to some fishy snack, which was some sort of sweet snack, again, not too bad. Soujo (don’t know how to spell it) is a drink that almost tastes like vodka, but it has a sweet taste to it. It is also very strong, with about 19% alcohol content, it’s dangerously cheap.. Hite is another cheap bear, but very good. It is also a very light beer. So you can have a few without filling yourself.


After traveling a few hours and receiving this welcome, I immediately felt welcome in this strange new town.

Changnyeong Market day up next…

Untill next time.

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