My Gautrain experience!

Imagine the excitement of a totally new and high tech train coming to your area, I got to live it! After some evening plans suddenly got ca...

Imagine the excitement of a totally new and high tech train coming to your area, I got to live it!
After some evening plans suddenly got cancelled I suddenly got the idea of trying out the new Gautrain rail that just opened between Pretoria and Johannesburg. I quickly gathered a few friends and off we went to see what all the excitement was all about.

Getting to the station was quite easy. On arrival we loaded the gold cards with some moola (with the help of some friendly attendants) and waited for some friends to arrive.

Hatfield Station arrival and tickets

And so the journey started. We swiped our cards and headed for the platforms with great excitement. The train arrived in just a few minutes and boarded the train. We had a bit of fun while waiting for all the passengers to board.

Boarding Gautrain Hatfield station

After about 35 minutes from Hatfield to Sandton, we arrived at Sandton station and took the 3 very fast and long escalators to the surface.

Arriving at the Sandton Station

Getting out of the station we headed towards Sandton City via Nelson Mandela Square. The view of the Michelangelo Hotel is quite spectacular. Then passing the Nelson Mandela statue, we entered Sandton City.

Nelson Mandela Square

We stopped for a quick dinner at Debonairs Pizza in the food court of Sandton City.


Now here is where the fun started. The last train for the evening was leaving at 20:30 to Hatfield. We made a few timely decisions, which ended up with us running towards the Sandton Station. On arrival the security said that the train was leaving in 2 minutes and we had to hurry up. We jumped into the lift. When the door opened we hurried toward the first train we saw and jumped in with the doors closing just behind us.

We sighed with relief that we managed to board the train on time, but it was the wrong one! We were heading in the wrong direction, towards the Rosebank instead of Hatfield – Pretoria. Realising this we asked the security guard what our options was. The guard mentioned that there might be another train still in Rosebank. We jumped out of the train and ran across to the other platform, but it left just as we could almost touch it.

We had to make alternative arrangements. Not only did we know that our cars were locked down in the parking and we would only be able to get to it in the morning, but our home keys was stuck there as well...
Thanks to our friends we managed to get back home safely and had a place to sleep for the night.

How’s that for a first experience on a Gautrain?


*All pictures are our own mobile uploads.

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